Job : Area Sales Manager / Field Sales Executive

Variable Salary – Rs20000 – Rs1,25,000/- depending on education and experience + Travel Allowance + Incentives

Age Group  : 22 yrs to 32 yrs


Variable Salary Scenarios for Remote Area Sales Manager / Field Sales Executive

  • If you have good sales skills and are hard working you can easily complete your given targets of the month
  • Target is 3 times your variable salary
  • Travel allowance is paid extra and all travel expenses have to be reported in app. Your expense report should match your tracking and lead/visit data in our tracking app and CRM. Maximum 10% of the variable salary is allowed as travel allowance for every employee.
  • For the total sales made beyond your monthly target, you are paid 7% of the total sales beyond target as incentive.
  • Variable salary depends on candidates’ education and experience.
  • Good communication skills in English is expected as our products are completely delivered in English.
  • We provide a tracking app to all our employees through which we track their whereabouts. Employees are given access to our CRM to easily schedule and organize their meetings, and follow ups.
  • Employee Kit : Every remote employee has to purchase company’s employee kit from Nymbium eVarsity website which includes, ID Card, 100 visiting cards, Official Email ID, 2 company TShirts/Shirts and costs Rs2000/- .
  • Cost for Employee kit is refunded back to employee after 3 months of continuous employment.
  • Employee kit is delivered to employee’s house within 10 days of employment across India.

Check below salary scenarios to understand your salary structure

Scenario 1
Your Salary for January 1-30 period Rs30000
Your Target for January ( 3 times your salary) Rs90000
Sales you made in January Rs3,00,000/-
Your Salary released on 10th February Rs30000 + Travel Allowances + Rs14,700/- (7% of Rs2,10,000/- , Rs2,10,000/- is amount of sales made beyond your usual sales target for the month)


Scenario 2
Your Salary for January Rs30000
Your Target for January Rs90000
Sales you made in January Rs90001
Your Salary released on 10th February Rs30000 + Travel Allowances


Scenario 3
Your Salary for January Rs30000
Your Target for January Rs90000
Sales you made in January Rs30000
Your Salary released on 10th February Rs10000 (1/3rd of Total Sales Made below target)+ Travel Allowances


Scenario 4
Your Salary for January Rs30000
Your Target for January Rs90000
Sales you made in January Rs0
Your Salary released on 10th February Rs 0 (1/3rd of Total Sales Made below target)+ Travel Allowances

Training :

  • Employee will be offered online training for all our products through Nymbium eVarsity.
  • If employees have any questions, they can ask it to their Team Leader or write directly to CEO at [email protected]
  • Each product has a separate training course for employee to understand the entire process.
  • Company also conducts various sales review courses to help increase sales
  • Every week meeting is done on Skype with team leader and CEO for the employees to report any new questions, or ask questions.


Products :

Company has IT/ITES products aimed towards all business sectors/verticals. Company’s main product is AAPAN Merchant Network which provides SaaS (Software as a Service) generated website and android App to businesses of all sizes and all kind from small shops, grocery vendors, tours and travels companies, hospitals, engineering companies, builders, real estate agents, wholesalers, manufacturers, importers and exporters, HR Agencies, Taxi Operators,  to corporates. Our USP for the product is speed at which deployment is done with entire product mostly delivered within 3-7 days.

Apart from this company has several niche products that you can sell to businesses in your city like CRM software, CRM Android App, IVR Solutions, SMS Solutions, Online Marketing & Campaign Management Solutions, Outsourced Customer Service for website as well as BPO, Data Entry services, Taxi Apps, Online Payment Gateway etc.

Thorough training and ongoing training along with full support is offered directly from the top to every employee.


Why Nymbium?

  • If you are hard working Nymbium is the place to be.
  • Products that are delivered as promised with high satisfaction rate.
  • Your efforts and sales skills decide how much you can earn per month.
  • Honest and good performing candidates also earn monthly sales awards and bonuses.
  • 100% remote job. Meetings are held over Skype, training provided online, Entire order process is Online.
  • High job satisfaction – We support our employees as much as we can. As far as an employee is delivering a target and is adhering to all company policies, we take care of our good employees.
  • Work in your city – work for corporate from your city. As far as company is seeing sales, it doesn’t matter from where you delivered that sale (when going outside geofence, inform your HR manager by call/whatsapp).





So how to start?

  • If you have understood everything and agree to it, just reply to this message as yes, and appear for Skype Interview
  • If selected, your Job offer letter will be immediately provided after interview along with your employment contract and company’s non disclosure agreement. All documents are signed online itself through our contract portal.
  • Once all documents are signed, we will send you coupon codes to access courses on Nymbium eVarsity portal for free.
  • You have to order Employee Kit from Nymbium eVarsity website after getting selected as it takes 7-10 days for the kit to reach you.
  • You have to finish minimum 2 courses : General Aptitude, English & Company Policy , AAPAN Merchant Network. It requires about 8 study hours to finish the entire training and you will be provided 3 days to finish the training. If you get any questions, you can ask your team leader.
  • Courses are online modules, so we expect employees to sit with pen and paper to take notes. There are questionnaires at the end of every lesson to test the understanding of employee.
  • After completing these two courses, employee will be provided login details for our tracking app, CRM, Knowledgebase etc and they can report on the field.


We wish you great luck for your interview.



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